Designing for a Restaurant

While incredible food and top-notch customer service are crucial for a successful restaurant, the ambience of the space and the design choices in the room are also important. The design of the restaurant sets the stage for the diner’s experience.

Some important factors to consider when designing your restaurant:

  • Balancing seating capacity
  • Music
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Restrooms

Balancing seating capacity: you should find the balance between enough seating and maximum seating capacity with a welcoming ambiance. You want enough seats in the room while still maintaining a comfortable atmosphere.

Music: silence can be really awkward in restaurants. Music sets the tone for the restaurant as much as the visual interior does. Music also reflects the style of your restaurant. A great option is to offer live music on the weekends – if you have the room for it!

Heating/Cooling: the kitchen adds a lot of heat and smells into the restaurant. You need to ensure balance by making heating and ventilation a priority. It is an expensive consideration, but is essential and necessary in all restaurants.

Restrooms: an obvious one. Restrooms need to be in your restaurant. You will need to ensure that they are properly taken care of throughout the day and night.

Restaurant design trends that we’re currently loving:

  • Bespoke lighting
  • Retro finishes
  • Plants and Greenery
  • Midcentury furniture
  • Less is more

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